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I have been writing about baking for the last 25 years. My experience has given me a unique perspective, and I am lucky enough to find publishers to help share it.  

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Living Bread

In Living Bread, Daniel Leader invites readers to join him as he travels through Europe, investigating the state of artisan baking today. Along the way, he meets Sicilian grain scientists studying wheat’s dna, farmers in Parma growing heirloom semolina, craft millers in France using high-tech equipment to evaluate the baking properties of every truckload of wheat berries, and Belgian microbiologists examining sourdough fermentation and its health benefits. At the heart of Living Bread are stories of dozens of European bakers who challenge themselves every day, using unusual techniques, special ingredients, years of experience, and centuries of inherited knowledge, to make the most delicious and nutritious breads for their communities. With over 60 unique and  appealing recipes for beginners and bread experts alike.   

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Local Breads: Sourdough and Whole-Grain Recipes from Europe's Best Artisan Bakers

When Daniel Leader opened his Catskills bakery, Bread Alone, twenty years ago, he was determined to duplicate the whole-grain and sourdough breads he had learned to make in the bakeries of Paris. The bakery was an instant success, and his first book, Bread Alone, brought Leader's breads to home kitchens. In this, his second book, Leader shares his experiences traveling throughout Europe in search of the best artisan breads. 

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Bread Alone: Bold Fresh Loaves from Your Own Hands

"Good bread is hard to find and easy to make," says Dan Leader as he draws you into the ancient world of traditional bread baking. Unlike any other bread book, Bread Alonewill provide you with a comprehensive guide to creating—at home—the country-style breads that have consistently captured the imagination and the taste buds of the world.

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Simply Great Breads: Sweet and Savory Yeasted Treats from America's Premier Artisan Baker

If bread is the staff of life, then this book by renowned artisanal baker Daniel Leader is every home baker's must-have cookbook. Featuring an amazing array of incredible delicacies made with yeast, Simply Great Breads is the perfect combination of easy and sophisticated recipes, with the keys to unlocking basics of working with yeasted doughs. Who can resist a collection of 50 mouthwatering treats, essential recipes for everyone who loves bread?

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Panini Express

Turn your kitchen into a sandwich factory with this beautifully photographed, easy-to-use cookbook containing over fifty delicious recipes for panini sandwiches, plus cooking tips that will help anyone create a wide variety of wholesome meals and snacks.